GRAPHIC DESIGN: Adobe Creative Cloud

Photoshop, Premiere, Lightroom, Audition…these are my favorites.  Sign up for an account through my link and get XXX% off for your first year!

WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT: Namecheap & Siteground

Cheap domains from Namecheap (great name!) and simple, easy to understand secure and affordable hosting on SiteGround.  Get free credit with my link below.


The easiest way to create landing pages and complete websites for the non-code-savvy entreprenuers.  Drag and drop modular building with 1000s of templates to choose from.  Sign up annually or lifetime and build as many sites as you want!

Libsyn and Audacity (podcasting)

Libsyn offers affordable podcast hosting with a user-friendly dashboard.  Audacity helps equalize your audio to bring up the quiet parts and lower the loud parts for happier listeners.

Audible Audio Books by Amazon

I love to read.  Actually, I hate to read.  I love to *listen* to books while I drive, do yardwork, commute…I retain more when I listen to a book than when I sit and read.  Sign up for a free 30-day trial and get one free book.  Cancel anytime, even before 30 days–the book is yours to keep!